AmzMonitor Guide for Amazon Sellers

Below, find easy, quick steps to use AmzMonitor services. Still, have questions? Check out FAQ!

Add/Remove/Edit Single Product

  1. Login to your AmzMonitor dashboard.
  2. Click on `Manage Products` under the `Product Monitor` menu on your AmzMonitor dashboard.
    amzmonitor main dashboard
  3. Currently monitored products are listed on the `Monitored Products` page. Scroll down to see all your monitored products.
    manage product monitoring menu
  4. Add Single Products: To add a single product, click on the `Add Product` button.
    add product monitoring
    1. On the pop-up screen, insert the ASIN number and select the marketplace. You have the option to add multiple keywords for the product. Type your keywords separated by commas. You can also give a friendly name for the product. You also need to determine your alert setting from pre-determined alert settings (Detailed, Default, Only Pricing, or Only Listing) or your custom alert settings. To add a custom product alert setting. Please refer to `Product Monitor Settings` on the HowTo menu.
      add ASIN number and select the marketplace
    2. Click on the `Add Product` button to confirm your new ASIN.
  5. Remove Product: To delete products from your monitored products list, click on the boxes next to the products for multiple deletions. Then click on the `Delete Selected` button. For individual deletion click on the `Trash` icon next to the respected product.
    Remove Product monitoring
    1. Click on `Delete` on the pop-up screen to remove the product.
      Remove Product monitoring confirmation
  6. Edit Product: To update the products on your monitoring list, click on the `Edit` icon next to the respected product.
    edit product monitoring
    1. On the pop-up screen, update the product details and click on `Save` to confirm your edit.
      edit product monitoring confirmation