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Product Monitor

Monitor Your Amazon Listings

24/7 surveillance on your ASINs from one place. AmzMonitor will continually monitor all your ASINs and send alerts with all product related changes like Buy Box changes, keyword rankings, review ratings, new seller and more. Save time with AmzMonitor.

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Product Monitor Alerts

Be Proactive with Smart Alerts

AmzMonitor's smart product monitor notifications allow you to immediately respond to a threat for your ASIN listings.

product monitoring notifcation
Keyword Monitor

Simplify Tracking Your Amazon Keyword Rankings

AmzMonitor simplifies the process of monitoring your ASINs' keyword rankings. Discover the keywords performance of your products to optimize your listing in one easy-to-view rank tracking dashboard.

keyword monitoring dashboard
Keyword Ranking Alerts

Get Boosted with Faster Insights

AmzMonitor's intuitive and easy to use email notifications make it easy to track your products keyword rankings and outrank your competitors.

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Seller Monitor

Get Ahead of Your Competition with Seller Monitoring

AmzMonitor helps you to keep track of the overall health of your market, where you stand and how your competitors are practicing.

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Seller Monitor Notifications

Get Ahead with Complete Seller Alerts

AmzMonitor's insightful competitor monitor notifications helps you take the necessary steps to get ahead in your market

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Follow Closely Your Competitors

Monitor your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses. Always take the right move and get ahead of your competition by monitoring other sellers in your market.

Follow Closely Your Competitors
Alerts – Hijacker & Product Monitoring

Alerts – Hijacker & Product Monitoring

Ability to take immediate actions against scammers and hijackers is very crucial to protect your Amazon business. Amazon buyers prefer products with accurate product titles, images and categories to find what they’re looking for. Furthermore, sellers should be alert to the hijackers, who trigger title, image or category changes. Otherwise you lose rankings and have lower conversion rates.

Track Amazon Keyword Rankings

To boost your sales volume, you need to be very adaptive to consumers searching patterns. Tracking your keywords rankings enables you to adjust your listings with the most popular keywords. This will certainly maintain traffic to your Amazon store and turn into higher conversion rates.

Track Amazon Keyword Rankings
Take Prompt Actions against the Reviews and Q&A

Take Actions against the Reviews and Q&A

Amazon customers solely look at the reviews and ratings to figure out the product’s quality and the seller’s reputation before they buy. Take prompt actions against the negative reviews and questions to fulfill a successful Amazon business. Being responsive to the reviews and comments build customer trust in your products.

Faster, More Powerful Monitor Notifications

Manual monitoring on Amazon is time-consuming, and it’s hard to keep tabs on them 24/7. So you need an instant solution to monitor your products, competitors and keyword rankings in Amazon. AmzMonitor alerts, updates, and non-stop monitoring lets you know what’s happening on Amazon.

Faster, More Powerful Monitor Notifications

Boost Your Amazon Business with AmzMonitor

Create a Thriving Business on Amazon with AmzMonitor.

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