Intuitive Seller Reports by the Amazon Competitor Monitoring Tool

Tracking Amazon competitors can only be made easier by using an Amazon product and competitor tracking tool. AmzMonitor keeps a 24/7 eye on your Amazon products and competitors. Via our Amazon seller monitoring tool, you will be able to be very prompt and responsive to the scammers, piggybackers, new sellers, authorized/unauthorized sellers and the changes in the products listings of your Amazon competitors.

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Amazon Competitor Monitoring Report Types

As an Amazon seller, it's critical that you maintain track of your Amazon business in comparison with your core Amazon competitors. Here are the unique seller reports to support your Amazon business:

Amazon Seller Comparison Tool

Seller Comparison tool of AmzMonitor enables you to devote more time to boosting Amazon business by reducing time-to-market and outranking competitors. To this end, our seller comparison tracker provides the following metrics to support your Amazon business:

  • List of overlapping ASINs with other Amazon sellers.
  • The price comparison for mutual products with other sellers.
  • The stock levels of your Amazon competitors for mutual ASINs.
  • Shipping price comparison with your competing sellers.
sellers product compare table
sellers product compare graphs

Product Overlap with other Amazon Sellers

Product Overlap report depicts the level of product overlap with other Amazon sellers. You just need to add Merchant IDs of your competitors and the rest is very easy. Our seller monitoring tool reflects the percentage of product overlap with your main competitors. You have the option to list down the respective overlapped ASINs by clicking on the chart area. Then you can easily trigger product monitoring for these ASINs and formulate your sales strategies by tracking your competitors.

List of Amazon Sellers Competing on Your ASINs

Amazon Competing Sellers tool of AmzMonitor lists down the competing sellers and clearly identifies business strategies of the Amazon sellers offering your products. AmzMonitor alerts keep you up to date on other Amazon sellers attempting to profit from your ecommerce success. On the other hand, you also need to be alert to the unauthorized sellers for your brand identity and reputation. You have the option to filter with Brand names, Box Box state and New Product Condition.

list of sellers offering your products