Get Ahead of Your Competition with Amazon Price Tracker

In today’s highly competitive and ever-growing Amazon marketplace, it’s crucial to track Amazon prices and get timely alerts when your product listings are under price competition by your competitors. Our Amazon price change tracker enables you to monitor hourly changes on the Amazon prices and you to offer best prices on Amazon marketplaces.

amzmonitor amazon price change alert

How to get price alerts with the Price Tracking Tool for Amazon?

  • After adding your Amazon product on the Price Trend Tracker for Amazon and setting your monitoring interval, our tool 24/7 screens the price history of your Amazon competitors` products.
  • Our Amazon price tracker sends timely email notifications to you in case of price changes.
  • Get price actions to protect your Amazon business and stay competitive.

Why Do You Need the Price Tracker for Amazon?

As an Amazon seller you should never miss out on the latest price trends and price actions of your Amazon competitors. Here are the reasons that you need to use an automated solution to track the Amazon prices:

Not possible to track Amazon prices manually

Manually tracking a large number of products is time costly, and it’s impossible 24/7 to keep an eye on Amazon. Our tool is 24/7 ready to monitor Amazon prices and notify you for any Amazon price changes.

Take prompt price actions to protect your Amazon business

Your Amazon product listings are prone to be under price competition by your Amazon competitors. Staying competitive necessitates timely price change alerts. Receiving an automatic Amazon price alert gives you the chance to react to a changing Amazon marketplaces rapidly.

Winning the Buy Box requires competitive pricing

You need to attain Amazon buyers` trust and brand reputation by maintaining minimum pricing on Amazon. You also require to set attractive Amazon prices to gain Amazon Buy Box. To do this, you have to closely monitor your competitors.

Monitor Amazon prices to gain a full view of the market.

Keeping up with price changes is essential for establishing a competitive advantage. You should match the price to the expectations of the customers in order to increase your Amazon sales. Our Amazon price history charts provide clear insight about Amazon market trends.