Get ahead of the competition with the Best Amazon Competitor Tracker

To be successful on Amazon, you must monitor your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses. Having set your Amazon product listings, you need to closely monitor your Amazon competitor sellers in order to take prompt actions. That is crucial to boost your Amazon sales. Our Amazon Competitor Tracker is a monitoring tool that enables you to track daily actions of your Amazon competitors.

amzmonitor amazon seller monitoring

How Our Competitor Tracker for Amazon Works

  • Add Amazon Merchant IDs of Amazon sellers that you want to monitor.
  • Select the Amazon marketplace of the sellers. You can narrow down the seller's products with Amazon brand names.
  • AmzMonitor screens the product listings of your Amazon competitors on a daily basis and sends seller alerts to your multiple email addresses.
  • Our Amazon seller tracker tool sends timely alerts through well visualized email notifications and informs you with dedicated dashboards and charts.

Competitor Monitoring Alert Types for Amazon

Advanced tracking features of AmzMonitor monitor all actions of your Amazon competitors. Amazon Seller Tracker sends alerts for Amazon piggybackers, scammers, new sellers for your products and any listings changes of your main Amazon competitors. Here are the main Amazon Seller Tracker alert types:

New and Deleted Product Alerts

Tracking the new and deleted ASINs of your Amazon competitors will help you to set your Amazon business strategy.

Amazon Price Change Alerts

Set your Amazon pricings in line with the actions of other Amazon sellers. Put simply, winning the Amazon competition means higher Amazon sales.

Amazon Stock Tracker Alerts

Getting out of stock is one of the most critical issues for Amazon product rankings. Tracking the inventory levels of your competitors is always crucial to set your Amazon sales and pricing strategy.

Fulfillment Change Alerts

FBA or FBM? Learn the fulfillment preferences of your Amazon competitors to determine your selling methodology.