Get Timely Alerts for Amazon Listing Changes

Selling on Amazon necessitates having accurate and well informed Amazon product listings. Amazon buyers prefer products with accurate product titles, images, brand names and categories to find what they’re looking for. Any unaware modification or the slightest change on your listings may hurt your Amazon success. Advanced Amazon product tracker feature of AmzMonitor monitors all your Amazon ASINs pages and sends alerts with all product related changes.

amzmonitor product amazon listing alert

How to use the Product Listing Tracker for Amazon?

  • Add your Amazon ASIN number on Amazon Product Monitoring tool and set your monitoring interval.
  • Our Amazon listing change tracker detects your listings for (but not limited to):
    • Product title change
    • Description changes
    • Bullet points changes
    • Amazon Category changes
    • Product image changes
    • Amazon product brand change
    • Amazon out of stock alert
    • Amazon Currently Unavailable alerts
  • Get Timely email alerts for any Amazon product listing changes.

Reasons for Amazon Product Listing Tracker tool?

Designing great Amazon product listings will easily convince your future customers to buy your Amazon products. However, having done your Amazon product listing pages is not sole enough to boost your sales and protect your Amazon business. You will need to track Amazon product listings and make them safe from any slightest product listing changes caused by either Amazon or your competitors. Why? Here are the main reasons:

Secure your Amazon listings and prevent suspension

Selling on Amazon necessitates having accurate and well informed product listings on your Amazon store. Any ASIN page changes or Amazon listing suspension cause lower conversion rates and loose in sale rankings.

Be prompt and responsive to Amazon listing changes

This is not a one time job and Amazon sellers should be alert to any kind of listing changes like title, image, brand name or product category. Ability to take immediate actions against those changes is very crucial to protect your Amazon business.

Monitor your stock availability

You need to frequently check your Amazon listings to prevent running out of stock. Utilize our solution for Amazon to guarantee that your products are always available for purchase. Our dedicated Amazon out of stock alert is ready to notify you.

Manual Amazon listing tracking is impossible

It is nearly impossible to track a large number of Amazon products in a timely manner. Manual monitoring for your product listings is time-consuming, and it’s hard to keep eyes on them 24/7. So you need an instant solution to monitor your product listings. That is why you need the Amazon product listing tracker.