Get Alerts for New Sellers with Amazon Product Tracker

Optimizing your Amazon product listings is very time consuming and necessitates full efforts to convince your future customers to buy your products. However, there are many potential Amazon sellers, which might want to sell the exact same or very similar product. To prevent a significant drop in your Amazon sales, you need to protect your Amazon business and take prompt actions against new offers for your products.

amzmonitor amazon alerts for new sellers

How our New Seller Tracker for Amazon works

  • Initiate product listing monitoring by adding your Amazon ASIN number.
  • Our tool continually screens the offer lists for your Amazon products.
  • You will get a new seller alert via email in case Amazon offer tracker detects a new seller for your products.
  • React in real time actions not to lose momentum in your Amazon sales.

Why you need automated New Seller Tracker for Amazon

Not to lose momentum in Amazon sales

The consequences of another seller offering your product can decrease your momentum in Amazon sales, ratings, and number of positive reviews. Our tool alerts you in a timely manner for new offers.

Get ahead of competition

Always take the right move and get ahead of your competition by monitoring new sellers in your market. New Amazon sellers can only succeed when a seller (you) is unaware they exist. Be one step ahead of your competitors.

Protect your brand reputation and customer loyalty

New sellers might be offering counterfeit versions of your unique Amazon products. If you do not figure out this threat fast, you might be prone to a deterioration in brand identity and customer loyalty for your products. Stay on the alert with our New Seller Tracker tool.

Avoid costly manual monitoring

You should frequently check the offer lists for your Amazon products to figure out new Amazon competitors. But manual monitoring is nearly impossible, especially if you have many ASINs. No worries, our Amazon new seller tracker is ready to inform you via timely email alerts.