Prevent Amazon Listing Hijacking

Need protection for your Amazon listings from being hijacked and someone driving you out of the Amazon business? You are in the right place! AmzMonitor sends timely alerts in case an unauthorized seller is offering a counterfeit or similar version of your products.

amzmonitor Amazon Hijacker Alerting Tool

How to Protect Amazon Business from Amazon Hijackers

  • AmzMonitor screens any suspicious activity on your Amazon product listings.
  • You get timely email alerts in the cases of Amazon listing hijacking for your Amazon products.
  • Keep your Amazon business safe and protect your brand reputation.

Why do you need the Hijacker Alerting Tool for Amazon?

Ability to take prompt actions against Amazon hijackers is very crucial to secure your Amazon business. Here are the main reasons to use automated tool to detect Amazon hijackers:

Protect your Amazon sales

Hijackers might exploit your well designed Amazon product listings to boost their own products. To prevent significant drop in Amazon sales, you need to keep an eye for Amazon hijackers.

Secure your Amazon brand identity

The existence of counterfeit products for your products on Amazon might also deteriorate your brand image, since most of the customers on Amazon are not well aware of the sellers of the product.

Amazon Listing Contents

Hijackers steal your unique Amazon content, use the exact same or very similar product, images, and information listed on your Amazon store. You need to take prompt actions against counterfeit Amazon contents.

Prevent manual tracking

You can not manually 24/7 check Amazon marketplace to protect your product listings from hijackers.