AmzMonitor Guide for Amazon Sellers

Below, find easy, quick steps to use AmzMonitor services. Still, have questions? Check out FAQ!

Update Alert Settings

  1. Login to your AmzMonitor dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings menu on your AmzMonitor dashboard.
    amzmonitor main dashboard
  3. Click on `Alert Settings` tab.
    monitor setting menu - alert setting tab
  4. You need to determine your product monitoring interval from every 1 hour to every 24 hours. The number of monitored ASINs depends on your monitoring interval.
    select product monitoring interval
  5. Set your `Time Zone` in order to be notified in line with your time zone preferences.
    select time zone
  6. Set your `Keyword Monitoring Alert Time`. You will be notified once a day of your keyword monitoring results.
    select keyword Monitoring Alert Time
  7. Set the list of the email addresses that you want to get AmzMonitor notifications. You have the option to add up to 5 email addresses together with your account email address.
    list of the email addresses to get AmzMonitor notifications
  8. Enable Monitor Notifications` slider if your want to get AmzMonitor notifications. If you disable the slider, all AmzMonitor notifications will be stopped. If you only want to get compiled email notifications rather than receiving instant notifications, enable `Receive only Compiled Email` slider. Then you will be informed with compiled emails at every monitor interval periods.
    Enable Monitor Notifications and Receive only Compiled Email
  9. Click on `Save` button. Now, your new alert settings are ready.