AmzMonitor Guide for Amazon Sellers

Below, find easy, quick steps to use AmzMonitor services. Still, have questions? Check out FAQ!

Easy Steps to Get Started with AmzMonitor

New to AmzMonitor? Well, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the AmzMonitor quick tutorials! As the title suggests, AmzMonitor HowTo page is geared towards Amazon sellers who are new to AmzMonitor. To make our features easier for you, we’ve outlined how to get started with all of the Amazon monitoring tools. In this page, you’ll find tutorials for how to:

  • Setup Your Monitor Settings
  • Implement Your Account Settings
  • Trigger or Update Product Monitoring
  • Add or Edit Keyword Monitoring
  • Initiate or Adjust Seller Monitoring

First things first, get started with 14 Day Free Trial Let's Meet account of AmzMonitor. There is absolutely no cost to register your account and start using the tools – no credit card obligation or anything like that. Just hit the orange `Start Free Trial` button, enter an email and password, and follow the email verification instructions.

On the left sidebar in this page, you see our user friendly quick tutorials to any of the AmzMonitor tools and settings. Just click on the heading that you need a guideline to understand our workflow order. We bring you detailed tutorials to walk you through the features of each of our tools. We also show you how to use our tools with tutorial videos. You can watch, pause, and replay AmzMonitor training videos as many times as you need to to understand how to use AmzMonitor services.

By the way, we are very prompt to our customers` requests and questions, if at any time you have questions during this quick start guide, please contact us via the contact form on the contact page or by email at our mail address and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.