There are a variety of reasons why brand owners or the authorized Amazon sellers seek to identify and defend themselves from unauthorized third-party dealers. Creating a seller profile on an Amazon marketplace and beginning to sell products outside of a brand's distribution channels is fairly simple. So as being among the authorized sellers, which are eligible to sell the specific suppliers` products and brands, you need to identify and stop unauthorized sellers in your Amazon market segment. This is very crucial to protect your Amazon business.

On the other hand, you might also be the supplier of products and brands sold on Amazon. To protect your brand identity as a supplier, you must have the ability to track authorized sellers behavior and identify unauthorized sellers. Otherwise, your brands may face challenges such as distributor complaints, MAP violations, reputation erosion, and product exclusivity loss. Furthermore, not all authorized sellers will always adhere to distribution agreements.

Reasons to Track Amazon Sellers Competing on Identical Products

Amazon sellers need to list down the competing sellers and identify business strategies of the competitors offering your products. On the other hand, you also need to be alert to the unauthorized sellers for your brand identity and reputation. The secret is to keep an eye on both authorized and unauthorized merchants on Amazon. However, it is very time consuming to screen all Amazon marketplaces to list down all competing sellers for your ASINs and products. Therefore you need an automated Amazon monitoring tool to track competing sellers for your products. No worries! Amazon Competing Sellers tool of AmzMonitor is ready to support your Amazon business by preventing your manual monitoring on Amazon marketplace. Here are the main reasons to use the Competing Sellers tool of AmzMonitor:

  • Brands and authorized sellers can safeguard themselves by spotting unauthorized sellers.
  • As a supplier, you can track distributor pricings and inform merchants of Amazon MAP breaches or issue sanction notices to your sellers.
  • Amazon MAP breaches can reduce your pricing power and potentially influence your Amazon business.
  • Staying competitive necessitates timely strategy changes. Knowing where you stand in the market and new/deleted products of your competitors will help you design your Amazon sales strategies.
  • Amazon leechers and unauthorized sellers may divert sales away from your Amazon store.
  • You may relax knowing that your listing is safe from scammers.
  • To protect your brands from distributor complaints, reputation erosion, and product exclusivity loss.
  • To ensure that the dealers in your supply chain are adhering to your MAP policy. This simplifies the management of distribution contracts. You can easily identify the sellers violating your rules if you keep a close eye on them. You have the ability to act swiftly while maintaining market pricing power.

How AmzMonitor Seller Monitoring Tools Work

Monitoring Amazon sellers is now easier with using an Amazon product and seller tracking software solutions. AmzMonitor keeps a 24/7 eye on your Amazon products and is very prompt and responsive to the scammers, piggybackers, new sellers, authorized/unauthorized sellers and the changes in the products listings of your competitors. There are multiple tracking tools to protect your Amazon business or brand identity as a supplier:

  • Product Monitoring Tool: You can narrow down your search for competing sellers by simply adding ASINs of your products.
  • Amazon Seller Tracking Tool: You can focus your monitoring by adding the Merchant IDs of your competitors or authorized sellers of your brand.
  • Competing Sellers List: You can easily list down all Amazon sellers offering your products. For brand owners and suppliers, this will enable them to monitor authorized sellers` behavior and identify unauthorized sellers.
  • Seller Comparison Tool: You can easily list down all Amazon sellers offering your products. For brand owners and suppliers, this will enable them to monitor authorized sellers` behavior and identify unauthorized sellers.

AmzMonitor screens your product listings and competing sellers on Amazon, and sends notifications when necessary. You will get the Amazon monitoring results for every 24 hours and receive notifications to your multiple email addresses. If any changes are detected, AmzMonitor sends prompt alerts through well visualized email notifications and informs you with beautiful dashboards and charts.