Amazon reviews are crucial to the success of a private label Amazon brand. You've come to the right spot if you've just started selling on Amazon and want a clear overview on Amazon reviews. Here are the major remarks for Amazon reviews:

Remarks #1. Importance of Amazon Review

Good Amazon reviews not only contribute to a stronger brand credibility and far more favour with the Amazon algorithm, but they also create a healthier customer loyalty, stronger customer satisfaction, and more popularity with the Amazon search algorithm. Even if a product may have strong sales figures but low ratings, positive reviews and customer satisfaction are the cornerstone of a long-term e-commerce brand and a statistically higher conversion rate.

Remarks #2. Number of Reviews

Consider the last time you make a mid-range ($30-50) Amazon order. How many customer reviews did you read before you pressed the purchase button? Though there is no universal figure, there are a few important correlations among consumer age and the anticipated number of Amazon reviews.

Statista: How many reviews do you expect for an online sale product?

  • Age 18-24: 203
  • Age 25-34: 159
  • Age 35-44: 141
  • Age 45-54: 91
  • Age 55-64: 38
  • Age 65+: 46
As seen, younger consumers demand more reviews for a particular item than elderly users, who might be satisfied with a product with fewer than 100 reviews.

Remarks #3. Do Amazon Reviews Affect Sales?

It's no wonder that more customers purchase from products with more positive reviews than from brands with less or unfavorable ones, given that product reviews have a (hopefully) objective/critical overview of the offerings. Market trends imply that if a product gets at least five customer ratings, its chances of being purchased increase by nearly 300 percent. When customers see two related goods with identical features, they are far more inclined to buy from the brand with more reviews. Although product reviews will improve overall sales at any price range, higher-priced products see a larger rise in conversion rates than lower-priced items.

Remarks #4. Ratings vs. Reviews

When it comes to product reviews, Amazon introduced a small adjustment to its terminology in 2019. They added “Ratings,” which encouraged customers to give a star rating instead of a written review. Before, anybody who left a rating had to submit a written review as well. This move not only made it easy for Amazon customers to leave ratings, but it also helped Amazon sellers to increase their customer evaluations.

Remarks #5. More Reviews Help You Rank Higher on Amazon

Amazon product reviews and a healthy star rating almost always lead to stronger AMazon sales, together with higher product rankings. As soon as you have a high number of reviews, you will more likely have higher BSR, larger revenue and upward sales trend. Furthermore, the main component of success is to have great engagement with your customers and actively respond to reviews and questions of your consumers . Then the Amazon algorithm will reward you.

Remarks #6. Amazon prohibits soliciting a positive customer review

Note that Amazon bans you from calling for a favorable user rating or giving exclusive rewards in return for five stars. Encourage the consumers to have objective and truthful reviews.

Remark #7. Have option to refute negative reviews on Amazon

Do not forget that you always have the option to "Report Abuse" via your Seller Central account if you've got a negative product review that goes against Amazon's Review Guidelines.

Remark #8. Do not employ Fake Reviews

Another crucial point is the latest concern over fake Amazon reviews. On your product listings, don't use false or misleading reviews. If you attempt to employ fake reviews, then you might get in trouble with Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon customers, especially in 2021, are more aware of fake reviews. It is very easy to figure out a fake review. Whatever you do, do not use fake reviews.

Remark #9. Be responsive to the negative reviews

Have great engagement with your customers and be prompt in taking actions against negative reviews and questions. Respond to negative reviews in a timely and polite manner. By clearly addressing the negative issues in reviews and questions, you convey to potential clients that your Amazon store. This will reflect that you are aware of the "problem" and care enough to talk about it.

Remark #10. Get smart alerts against negative reviews with AmzMonitor

You need to be prompt and responsive to the customers` reviews and questions. Ability to take immediate actions against negative reviews is very crucial to protect your Amazon business. Amazon buyers prefer products with accurate reviews and products of sellers, who are sensitive to the customers` feedback. Otherwise you lose rankings and have lower conversion rates.

That is nearly impossible to track a large number of products and competitors in a timely manner. Manual monitoring for your product listings is time-consuming, and it’s hard to keep tabs on them 24/7. So you need a third-party solution like AmzMonitor to track your products and competitors in Amazon.