Are you an Amazon seller facing the looming threat of Amazon listing hijacking? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Listing hijacking is a serious issue that can lead to significant financial losses for legitimate sellers. In this guide, we'll delve into what listing hijacking is and, most importantly, how you can protect your Amazon listings from hijackers.

What is Listing Hijacking on Amazon?

Listing hijacking is like someone stealing control of your product listing on Amazon. It occurs when a competitor gains control of your ASIN, taking away your Buy Box privileges. This often happens by drastically lowering the price of the product, making it challenging for you to compete.

How Does Listing Hijacking Happen?

Hijackers typically lower prices significantly to seize control over your Amazon listings. They may:

  • Sell counterfeit products with minimal quality and lower production cost.
  • Intentionally sell at a loss just to harm your business and kick you out of competition.

How to Avoid Amazon Listing Hijacking?

Now that we understand the problem and its consequences, it's crucial to take proactive steps to prevent it. We need to ensure we have the necessary resources, tools, and capability to respond effectively if we encounter listing hijacking.

Register Your Trademark and Brand Name

To prevent hijackers, one effective step is to register your trademark. This can be done through Amazon Brand Registry. Provide necessary details such as product codes, categories, and website links. Once accepted, you gain greater control over your products, enabling proactive measures against fraudulent activities like listing hijacking. This serves as solid evidence of ownership and rights over your trademark, essential for defending against hijackers.

Utilize Automated Hijacker Alert Tools like AmzMonitor

You could manually check all your product listings daily for any suspicious activity. However, this method is inefficient and easy to neglect over time. It's especially challenging for large listings. That's where AmzMonitor comes in. With AmzMonitor, you can monitor the Amazon marketplace 24/7 to protect your product listings from hijackers. It screens for any suspicious activity and sends you timely email alerts in case of listing hijacking for your Amazon products. You can try AmzMonitor services for 14 days with No Need Credit Card.

How to Make Claim against Amazon Hijacking

To make a claim, start by politely contacting the seller attempting to hijack your Amazon listing. Use the AmzMonitor alert you received to identify the seller and product attempting to hijack your listing. Give them 24 hours to remove the product on Amazon marketplaces. If they don't comply, escalate the issue to Amazon through the "notify us" link in your seller central panel. If successful, Amazon will remove the hijacked product from the platform.


In the competitive landscape of Amazon, listing hijacking poses a significant threat to sellers, potentially resulting in financial losses and damage to brand reputation. However, armed with knowledge and the right tools, sellers can effectively protect their listings from hijackers.

By registering trademarks and brand names through Amazon Brand Registry, sellers gain greater control over their products. Additionally, utilizing automated hijacker alert tools like AmzMonitor streamlines the process of monitoring product listings for suspicious activity.

In the event of encountering listing hijacking, sellers can take decisive action by contacting the hijacker directly and escalating the issue to Amazon. By implementing these strategies and remaining vigilant, Amazon sellers can safeguard their listings and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With the right combination of prevention and action, sellers can navigate the challenges of listing hijacking and continue to thrive on Amazon.