Do you ever feel frustrated to keep up with the constantly changing Amazon landscape? Are you in need of updates or new strategies to boost your Amazon sales? No worries! We have listed the latest tips and strategies to support your Amazon business.

Tips #1. Learn from your competitors` weaknesses

You need to determine the key product feature that your competitors are not addressing. To do this, study your competitors’ product reviews and understand why customers do like or do not like the products. Then, adjust your product listing in line with these missing points by clearly emphasizing them through your images and product descriptions.

Tips #2. Target your existing audience

Do not miss out on the power of your audience. You should create email lists from your previous customers. As soon as you launch new products, announce them to the people on your email lists. Furthermore, you need to create social media accounts to reach potential customers. Do not forget to inform your social media audience of new product launches.

Tips #3. Expand your Amazon marketplaces

There are alternative Amazon marketplaces on which you can sell your products. There is no need to stuck in one marketplace. Expand into other growing Amazon marketplaces with fewer Amazon sellers and greater opportunities.

Tips #4. Manage your inventory properly

Registering your brand reduces the risk of counterfeit products under your brand name. Yes, brand registration might be time-consuming and costly. However, getting a trademark will clearly support Amazon sales through unlocking Amazon’s A+ Content feature. You will be allowed to describe and display your brand’s values, mission, and product with A+ Content. This is well beyond the ordinary bullet points and description.

Tips #6. Sell products with more keyword options

Products with limited keywords will have a tough time succeeding. However, the products with a large number of keywords provide more opportunities to penetrate and boost sales. Do not forget to diversify your keyword research to figure out new keywords to gain sales.

Tips #7. Be responsive to product changes and competitors` moves

You need to be prompt and responsive to the product listing changes. The ability to take immediate actions against scammers and hijackers is very crucial to protect your Amazon business. To be successful on Amazon, you must monitor your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses. Having set your product listings, you need to closely monitor your competitor sellers in order to take prompt action.

That is nearly impossible to track a large number of products and competitors in a timely manner. Manual monitoring for your product listings is time-consuming, and it’s hard to keep tabs on them 24/7. So you need a third-party solution like AmzMonitor to track your products and competitors in Amazon.

To support your Amazon business, you have to keep 24/7 an eye on your listings and competitors` products. However, this necessitates the use of smart automated monitoring technology like AmzMonitor. Otherwise, you need to spend hours to track a large number of products and competitors. AmzMonitor supports your Amazon business through intelligent Amazon Product Alerts, Buybox Notifications, Hijackers Alerts, Notifications for Bad Reviews, Price Changes and a lot more.

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