Struggling to get reviews on Amazon for your Amazon products? You're not alone. Many Amazon sellers find it tough to encourage customers to leave feedback. But don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog, we'll share some simple and legal ways to get more Amazon reviews fast. Let's dive in!

Why are Amazon product reviews important?

Amazon reviews are like trusted recommendations online. Positive reviews help Amazon customers decide what to buy. Even a few good reviews can make a big difference. Nowadays, people often check reviews before they buy, whether online or in stores. But here's the thing: quality matters more than quantity. Amazon cares more about helpful reviews than just having lots of them. Good reviews boost your product's chances of being seen and chosen by Amazon buyers.

Tips to Increase Your Amazon Product Reviews

Now that you know why Amazon reviews matter, let's dive into some creative ways to get those 5-star ratings.

Tip #1: Friendly Follow-Up Emails

Remember, not all customers realize how vital Amazon reviews are for Amazon sellers. Happy customers are more likely to leave reviews if they understand how it helps. How do you reach out? Amazon's rules say sellers can only use the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. While this may seem limiting, it's still a chance to connect. Just don't ask for positive reviews or offer incentives – that's against the rules. Instead, focus on honest feedback and explain why reviews matter. A personalized email showing appreciation can make a big difference. Be polite and treat customers how you'd want to be treated.

Tip #2: Make Use of Product Inserts in Product Packages for Amazon Reviews

Product inserts are like personalized notes from sellers to customers, asking for feedback and reviews. But watch out: Amazon has rules about asking for reviews, so keep it subtle. Remember to thank the customer for their purchase. And don't forget, besides what you say, how your insert looks matters too. Make it eye-catching so it doesn't get lost in the package. These inserts are also handy for highlighting what makes your product special. You can even include links to your social media or website.

Tip #3: Amazon Vine Program

Another effective method for obtaining early reviews is through the Amazon Vine program. If your product has fewer than 30 reviews, you can opt to enroll it in Vine. There's no fee to join. However, you'll need to send your products at no cost to Vine Voice members for review. These members are individuals chosen by Amazon for their history of providing helpful reviews. Expect them to offer critical feedback on your Amazon product.

Tip #4: Try Out Amazon's Early Reviewer Program

Amazon offers a helpful option called the Early Reviewer program. This initiative encourages customers who've purchased your product to share their honest opinions. Amazon randomly selects reviewers, ensuring unbiased feedback. In return for their reviews, customers receive a small reward, typically an Amazon gift card.

Keep in mind, there's a fee to enroll in the program. Additionally, your product must have fewer than five reviews, and you need to be a registered brand on Amazon. Despite the initial cost, this program can be a valuable tool for generating early reviews for your product.

Tip #5: Stay Ahead of Negative Reviews

Keep a close watch on your Amazon product reviews, especially the negative ones. Negative reviews can impact Amazon sales and brand reputation, so it's essential to address them promptly. However, navigating Amazon reviews manually on Amazon is both essential and challenging. You could manually check all your products and their reviews. However, this method is inefficient and easy to neglect over time. Therefore we advise you to use an automated Review tracking tool like AmzMonitor.

With AmzMonitor, you can monitor the Amazon marketplace 24/7 to track the reviews of your Amazon products. AmzMonitor sends you alerts for any negative reviews, allowing you to respond quickly and resolve any issues.


Obtaining Amazon reviews is crucial for sellers to establish trust and credibility with potential customers. By implementing the tips provided, such as friendly follow-up emails, utilizing product inserts, participating in Amazon programs like Vine and Early Reviewer, sellers can increase their chances of receiving valuable feedback and higher ratings for their products.

Additionally, staying proactive in managing reviews, especially negative ones, is essential for maintaining brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Automated review tracking tools like AmzMonitor can help sellers stay ahead of negative feedback and address issues promptly. By focusing on both quantity and quality of reviews, Amazon sellers can enhance their presence on Amazon and ultimately boost sales and brand success.