Maintaining Amazon product listings is crucial for success on the platform. You can't just create a listing and forget about it. Regular upkeep is necessary because if any part of your listing doesn't meet Amazon's standards, your product might become hidden from customers or your account could be suspended until the problem is fixed. This means lost sales for every hour your listing is down. Therefore, it's essential to consistently update and monitor your listings to avoid these issues and ensure continued visibility and sales.

Why Are Amazon Product Listings Suppressed?

Amazon may suppress a product listing if it doesn't meet their strict standards. Amazon's rules aim to help customers easily find and buy products. To avoid suppression, sellers should provide all required product details. Listings can also get suppressed if they violate Amazon's policies.

Common reasons for suppressed listings include:

  • Missing a main product image.
  • The listing has incorrect or misleading information.
  • Lack of a detailed product description (except for certain categories like apparel or books).
  • It's selling products restricted by Amazon.
  • Using a clothing or accessory title longer than 80 characters.
  • Important information like descriptions or reviews is missing.
  • Not choosing a specific product category.
  • The listing image doesn't meet Amazon's requirements.
  • There are many customer complaints or previous policy violations.

Sometimes, Amazon suppresses listings to improve the customer experience, especially if a listing causes confusion or doesn't match what customers are searching for.

How to Fix Suppressed Amazon Listings

Fixing suppressed listings on Amazon is important for maintaining sales and visibility. Here's a simple guide to address suppressed listings:

  • Access Seller Central: Go to the Inventory tab and click on 'Manage Inventory'.
  • Check for Suppressed Listings: Look for the 'Suppressed' button. If it's there, it means you have listings that need attention.
  • Select Suppressed Listings: Click on 'Suppressed' to view and select the listings that are affected.
  • Update Listings: Edit the listings to add any missing information such as product descriptions or images. Use the 'Manage Images' option to upload product pictures for listings without images.
  • Save Changes: After making the necessary updates, click 'Save and Finish' to save your changes and exit.

By following these steps regularly, you can keep your Amazon listings compliant and active, ensuring a smoother experience for customers and better performance for your products.

Get Alerts for Amazon Suppressed Listings

Keep a close watch on your Amazon product listings. Amazon product listing suppression can impact Amazon sales and brand reputation, so it's essential to address them promptly. However, navigating Amazon product listings manually on Amazon is both essential and challenging. You could manually check all your products and their listings. However, this method is inefficient and easy to neglect over time. Therefore we advise you to use an automated Amazon listing tracking tool like AmzMonitor.

With AmzMonitor, you can monitor the Amazon marketplace 24/7 to track the listings of your Amazon products. AmzMonitor sends you alerts for any Amazon suppressed listings allowing you to respond quickly and resolve any issues. Sign up for AmzMonitor today to stay proactive in managing your Amazon listings and maintaining Amazon business health. You can try AmzMonitor services for 14 days with No Need Credit Card.


In conclusion, maintaining Amazon product listings is crucial for sustained success on the platform. Failure to meet Amazon's standards can lead to suppressed listings, causing loss of visibility and potential sales. It's imperative for sellers to actively monitor and update their listings, ensuring compliance with Amazon's guidelines to avoid suppression or account suspension.

Amazon suppresses listings for various reasons, including missing product images, inaccurate information, inadequate descriptions, or selling restricted items. Resolving these issues promptly is key to maintaining a positive customer experience and ensuring continued visibility and sales.

To address suppressed listings effectively, sellers can utilize Seller Central to identify and update affected listings. Regularly checking for suppressed items and promptly making necessary updates can prevent potential loss of sales and customer trust.

For efficient monitoring of Amazon listings, utilizing automated tools like AmzMonitor is recommended. These tools can provide real-time alerts for suppressed listings, enabling sellers to take immediate action and maintain the health of their Amazon business.

By staying proactive and utilizing resources like AmzMonitor, sellers can effectively manage their Amazon listings, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize sales performance on the platform.