Launching a successful Amazon business can be exciting and challenging too. It takes time, knowledge, and effort to achieve success. More importantly, you need to closely monitor your product listings and your competitors to attain great sales volumes. To discover opportunities, maximize your sales and grow your Amazon business, you need to employ proper Amazon seller tools. To help you achieve your goals we have provided a quick guide over some Amazon seller resources that are great time savers.

1. Product Search Tools

Product search is the foremost part of the development of your Amazon store. There are many articles and videos online that talk about the strategies behind effective product listings. However, it is not an easy task without a proper targeted tool. It is wise to use niche product search tools to determine product listings where the market opportunity is high and the competition is low.

2. Revenue Calculator

To be successful on Amazon, you must determine your prices that cover all your expenses, including fulfillment costs. If you’re considering utilizing the Fulfillment by Amazon tool for a new product, you need to use a proper revenue calculator tool. This is especially important before you launch a product on Amazon. In your product research phase, you need to do some calculations to estimate a product’s potential before you launch, considering your initial investment costs, FBA costs and estimated sales.

3. Keyword Ranking Tool

Amazon sellers need to match their keywords with customer searches on Amazon. That is crucial for success. If you are starting an Amazon business or running an Amazon store, you need a keyword ranking tool to optimize your product descriptions. That will certainly increase traffic to your products.

4. Repricing Tool

Having determined your initial prices for your product listings is not enough. To score high sales volume, you need to monitor your listings together with competitors’, and then automatically adjusts the prices. However, manual pricing is very time consuming and nearly impossible for sellers with large numbers of products. Therefore, it is optimum to use a repricing tool and the rest is to set pricing parameters and rules.

5. Review Monitoring Tool

Amazon customers solely look at the reviews and ratings to figure out the product’s quality and the seller’s reputation before they buy. Especially, you need to get prompt actions to negative reviews, which can really ruin your store’s reputation and degrade your ranking. To this end, a dedicated 24/7 tool is a must to track your reviews and to alert you with the need of action. Then, you can reflect your care to your customers, there would certainly be a chance that they will revise or remove the negative reviews.

6. Inventory Tracking

Sufficient but not excessive inventory level is crucial to maximize your Amazon business profit. Especially if your business is product-based, you closely monitor your inventory. This might be cumbersome without an automation tool. To minimize overhead, maximize profit and save valuable time, you just need an inventory tracking tool to monitor inventory data, forecast sales, manage suppliers.

7. Label Resizer Tool for Amazon Product, Box and Shipping Labels

Another crucial step is to fulfill your shipments in a timely and error free manner. However, this might be very frustrating without proper label resizing tools. Amazon only provides plain Product, Box and Shipping Labels, and does not support all thermal labels sizes. To this end, we strongly advise Label Resizer. It is a tool for Amazon FBA sellers and helps them to customize and print any FBA labels directly from Seller Central through their thermal or desktop inkjet and laser printers. Label Resizer basically resizes any Amazon label (product barcodes, shipping labels, and LTL labels) and makes them fit to any thermal printer label sizes and FBA-up paper/sticker (Avery type) labels. No Need Credit Card for 1 Month Unlimited Free Trial.

Automated Monitoring Tool like AmzMonitor

To support your Amazon business, you have to keep 24/7 an eye on your listings and competitors` products. However, this necessitates the use of smart automated monitoring technology like AmzMonitor. Otherwise, you need to spend hours to track a large number of products and competitors. AmzMonitor supports your Amazon business through intelligent Amazon Product Alerts, Buybox Notifications, Hijackers Alerts, Notifications for Bad Reviews, Price Changes and a lot more.

The rest is to perform your competitive advantage and boost your Amazon sales.