AmzMonitor vs AMZAlert

Here we have listed down the main reasons why you should use AmzMonitor instead of AMZAlert. If you are still unsure about your switch or choice, you can start the AmzMonitor 14 Day Free Trial today Without Giving Your Credit Card Information.

Reason #1 - Insightful Amazon Seller Monitoring Notifications

To be successful on Amazon, you must monitor your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses. AmzMonitor has a dedicated Amazon Seller Tracker tool, whereas AMZAlert does not have. Here are more powerful features of the AmzMonitor Seller Tracker Tool as compared to AMZAlert:

  • Get Notified for New Sellers and Leeches
  • Notifications for New and Deleted Products of Amazon Sellers
  • Seller`s Price, Stock and Fulfillment Tracker
  • Amazon Hijacker Alerts

Reason #2 - Intuitive Amazon Product Monitoring Alerts

Advanced ASIN tracking feature of AmzMonitor monitors all your Amazon product pages and sends alerts with all product related changes. Here are unique features of the AmzMonitor Product Monitoring Tool as compared to AMZAlert:

  • Alerts for Product Title, Image, Brand and Category Changes of your ASINs
  • Amazon ASIN Tracker for Product Description and Bullet Point Changes
  • Best Seller Ranking Change Notifications
  • Amazon Price Tracking Tool
  • Need to take prompt actions to protect your Amazon business
  • Amazon Buy Box Performance Monitoring Tool

Reason #3 - Responsive Amazon Review and Q&A Notifications

Taking prompt action for new Amazon reviews and Q&A is crucial to the success of your Amazon business. Here are the powerful features of the AmzMonitor Review and Q&A Tracker better than AMZAlert:

  • New Reviews and Q&A Alerts
  • Negative Reviews Notifications
  • Product Star/Rating Changes Alerts

Reason #4 - Powerful Amazon Keyword Monitoring Alerts

Discovering where you stand on main keywords search rank on Amazon pages will certainly assist you to adjust your product pages and get more customers to your Amazon product listings. AmzMonitor has a dedicated Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker tool, whereas AMZAlert does not have. Here are the superior features of the AmzMonitor Keyword Ranking Tracker Tool as compared to AMZAlert:

  • Product Keyword Ranking Change Alerts
  • Keyword Page Rank Changes
  • Monitor 10 keywords per ASIN
  • Product Keyword Ranking Performance

Reason #5 - Easy to Add Monitor

AmzMonitor offers multiple and user-friendly monitoring setup options. Here are the unique features monitor setup not available anywhere:

  • Add Single Product by inserting the ASIN number
  • Add Bulk Product ASINs with the excel template
  • Monitor all products of a Seller with Merchant ID
  • Monitor Future Products of Amazon Seller

Reason #6 - Smart Intuitive Reports

In today’s highly competitive and ever-growing Amazon marketplace, it’s crucial to track every aspect of your Amazon business. AmzMonitor provides smart intuitive reports to boost your Amazon success. Here are the more powerful reports of AmzMonitor as compared to AMZAlert:

  • Buy box Performance
  • Pricing History
  • Review History
  • Keyword Rank History
  • Competing Sellers
  • Product Overlap with Sellers
  • Sellers Comparison

Reason #7 - Full Flexibility in Alert Customization and Monitoring Interval

AmzMonitor is responsive to the distinct needs of Amazon sellers. Therefore you have the option to adjust your monitoring and notification settings with full customization. Here are the unique alert customization options of AmzMonitor compared to AMZAlert:

  • Choose your monitoring intervals from every 1 hour to every 24 hour.
  • Monitor 20+ different changes on a product
  • Set Product Monitoring Interval
  • Send Notification to Multiple Emails
  • Individual Alerts per ASIN
  • Consolidated Alerts for monitored ASINs

Reason #8 - Free 14 Days Trial - No Need Credit Card

AmzMonitor has a 14 Day Free Trial(against 10 days for AMZAlert). You do not have to give your Credit Card details.No Need Credit Card

Reason #9 - Affordable Plans with Larger ASINs, Keywords and Seller Limits

AmzMonitor offers you to monitor upto 1200 ASINs, 2000 Keywords and 40 Amazon Sellers (against upto 100 ASINs with AMZAlert). Option to generate custom membership with higher limits.

Reason #10 - No Amazon Account Access Requirement

No need to connect your Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central account in order to use AmzMonitor.

Start AmzMonitor 14 Day Free Trial today (No Need Credit Card). Want to learn more? Explore our product features or contact us today.