Amazon Seller Comparison Tool

Amazon Seller Comparison Tool

Superior Amazon seller metrics correspond to outstanding seller success. If you wish to accelerate your Amazon business growth, you should be aware of the AmzMonitor reports provided to Amazon sellers so they can improve their sales performance! If you're an Amazon seller, it's critical that you maintain track of your Amazon business in comparison with your core competitors. Our advanced monitoring tools allow Amazon businesses to save time and be more agile by seamlessly tracking competitor sellers on Amazon.


Benefits of AmzMonitor Seller Comparison Tool

Seller Comparison tool of AmzMonitor enables you to devote more time to boosting Amazon business by reducing time-to-market and outranking competitors. To this end, our seller comparison tracker provides the following metrics to support your Amazon business:

  • The daily number of ASINs for each Amazon seller.
  • List of overlapping products with other Amazon sellers.
  • The price comparison for mutual products with other sellers.
  • The percentage of product overlap with your main competitors.
  • Custom comparison reports for different peer Amazon seller groups.

Seller comparisons tool of AmzMonitor is ready to support your Amazon business by preventing your manual monitoring on Amazon marketplace. Manual tracking a large number of Amazon sellers is time consuming and you need an automated solution. Amazon success needs prompt actions to the moves of your competitors and timely strategy changes in your Amazon business.

How AmzMonitor Seller Tracker Tool Works

Monitoring Amazon sellers can be made easier using an Amazon product and seller tracking software solutions. AmzMonitor keeps a 24/7 eye on your Amazon competitor sellers. AmzMonitor screens your product listings and competing sellers on Amazon, and sends notifications when necessary. You will get the Amazon monitoring results for every 24 hours and receive notifications to your multiple email addresses. If any changes are detected, AmzMonitor sends prompt alerts through well visualized email notifications and informs you with beautiful dashboards and charts.

The rest for you is just to focus on your Amazon business. Start AmzMonitor 14 Day Free Trial today (No Need Credit Card). Want to learn more? Explore our product features or contact us today.