Amazon Product Monitor Setup

Adding ASINs for AmzMonitor Product Tracking Tools

To support and protect your Amazon business, you have to keep 24/7 an eye on your Amazon product pages. Advanced ASIN tracking feature of AmzMonitor monitors all your ASINs pages and sends alerts with all product related changes. AmzMonitor's smart product monitor notifications allow you to immediately respond to a threat for your Amazon product listings.


Multiple Options to Start Product Monitoring with AmzMonitor

To make our features easier for you, we’ve outlined how to get started with all of the Amazon product monitoring tools. First things first, get started with the 14 Day Free Trial Let's Meet account of AmzMonitor. There is absolutely no cost to register your account and start using AmzMonitor tracking tools – no credit card obligation or anything like that. Just hit the orange `Start Free Trial` button.

To initiate the Amazon product monitoring, you need to add your Amazon products (ASINs) on your AmzMonitor dashboard. To this end, we have multiple options in line with your needs:

  • Add Single Product: You just need to insert the ASIN number and select the respective Amazon marketplace.
  • Add Bulk Products: You can easily add bulk product ASINs with the excel template. You just need to add Amazon marketplace info and ASIN numbers of your products on excel. Then just drag and drop the excel file.
  • Add Sellers’ Products: You just need to add the Merchant ID of the seller and select the respective Amazon marketplace. You have the option to give a friendly name to the seller.

AmzMonitor ASINs tracking tool enables you to add multiple keywords for the product (upto 10 keywords per ASIN). You can also give a friendly name for the product. You also need to determine your alert setting from pre-determined alert settings or your custom alert settings. To add a custom product alert setting.

How Our Amazon Product Monitoring Works

AmzMonitor continually tracks all your Amazon product pages and sends alerts with all product related changes like Product Title, Image, Brand and Category Changes of your ASINs. You have the option to set your monitoring interval between 1 hour to 24 hours and get notifications to your multiple email addresses. If any changes are detected, AmzMonitor sends prompt alerts through well visualized email notifications and informs you with beautiful dashboards and charts.

The rest for you is just to focus on your Amazon business. Start AmzMonitor 14 Day Free Trial today (No Need Credit Card). Want to learn more? Explore our product features or contact us today.