Amazon Keyword Ranking Change Tracker

Amazon Keyword Ranking Change Monitoring Tool

Discovering where you stand on main keywords search rank on Amazon pages will certainly assist you to adjust your product pages and get more customers to your Amazon product listings. You'll get quick Amazon alerts with the AmzMonitor keyword tracker if any of the keywords you've provided (Up to 10 keywords per each ASIN) move in a negative or positive direction. One of the biggest drawbacks of manually tracking keywords is how time-consuming it can be. You can relax and enjoy your business without having to worry about always keeping track of your keywords.


Reasons to Monitor Amazon Keyword Ranking Performance of ASINs

Many factors influence Amazon's best seller rankings, including how well a product within a keyword search listed in comparison to similar products. Keyword rankings clearly provide inputs for your Amazon business to understand buyers` notion of what they actually want. Here are the main reasons that you need to track ASINs keyword ranking changes on Amazon with AmzMonitor:

  • You can design an Amazon selling strategy based on your keyword ranking performance.
  • In the Amazon marketplace, there is a lot of data to keep track of.
  • Having high rankings in a keyword or searching categories will boost your Amazon sales.
  • Manual tracking a large number of Amazon pages is time consuming
  • Need to take prompt actions to protect your Amazon business
  • Consumers are more likely to buy products, which are listed above in the keyword search results.
  • Attaining buyer trust and brand image by maintaining proper strategies to lead in your product segment.
  • Staying competitive necessitates timely strategy changes. Knowing where you stand in the market will help you design your Amazon sales strategies.
  • Stay on top of keyword search lists with Amazon keyword monitoring tool alerts.
  • Amazon keyword monitoring software can alert you when your keyword ranking improves or deteriorates.

As seen you need an automated Amazon monitoring tool to track Amazon marketplace to monitor your keyword rankings. No worries! Amazon Keyword Performance tracker of AmzMonitor is ready to support your Amazon business by preventing your manual monitoring on Amazon marketplace.

How Our Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker Works

Tracking Amazon keyword performance rankings versus other products can be made easier using an Amazon seller software solution. AmzMonitor keeps a 24/7 eye on your Amazon products and is very prompt and responsive to the keyword ranking changes. AmzMonitor screens your ASIN listings on Amazon and sends notifications when necessary. You have the option to set your monitoring interval between 1 hour to 24 hours and get notifications to your multiple email addresses. If any changes are detected, AmzMonitor sends prompt alerts through well visualized email notifications and informs you with beautiful dashboards and charts.

The rest for you is just to focus on your Amazon business. Start AmzMonitor 14 Day Free Trial today (No Need Credit Card). Want to learn more? Explore our product features or contact us today.